HRB 4S 4000mah 35C


Brand:  HRB
Capacity:  4000mah
Cells:  4S
Voltage per pack:  14.8V
Maximum voltage per pack: 16.8V
Voltage per cell:  3.7V
Maximum voltage per cell:  4.2V
Storage voltage per cell: 3.85V
Discharge rate:  35C-70C
Suggest charger:  Balance charger
Suggest charge rate:  1C ( Max 5C)
Discharge wire:  12awg silicone wire
Discharge connector:  XT60
Battery size:  135x42x33mm (±0-3mm) / 5.31×1.65×1.3inch
Battery weight per piece:  403g ± 2g / 0.89lb
Certificate:  CE, ROHS
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